Pipe Flashing

Pipe flashing is needed to seal around pipes to ensure a weatherproof and watertight finish to any roof membrane. Sealing services is easy with a flexible and highly versatile pipe flashing which provides strong resistance to temperature, and Dektite flashing product have been manufactured specifically with this in mind, perfect for soil pipe flashing, hot pipe flashing and much more.

Dektite Original

Dektite Original was the first of the Dektite pipe flashing products. Designed for metal roofs, the Dektite original can be fitted on hot or cold flues and pipes, and provides a tough and hardwearing weathertight seal, and a strong flexible base.

Dektite Premium

Dektite Premium has been manufactured for use on metal roofs. A multi-application flashing, it can be used for hot or cold flues and pipes, and has a square base which can fit any prepared hole on a range of roof profiles. The flashing is made from highly durable EPDM or silicone, with an aluminium band to provide flexibility. #

Dektite EZi-seal

Dektite EZi-seal is one of DEK’s revolutionary products, with a non’absorbant and non’porous sponge gasket that creates a watertight seal by compression, hugging the roofline in all weathers without requiring silicone sealant.

Dektite Diverter

Dektite Diverter was designed to reduce levels of ponding or damning around pipe flashings. With a large base, the Dektite Diverter reduces and diverts rainwater that can occur on deep ribbed roofing profiles, as well as high pitched and low pitched roofs.

Dektite Combo

Dektite Combo allows you to apply flashing either over the top or around pipe flashings for retro-fittings, giving you a choice and providing you with easy application. 

Dektite Retrofit

Dektite Retrofit was designed for situations where the flashing cannot be lowered over the pipe. Instad, the unique patented zip lock allows you to place the flashing around the pipe in difficult to access pipes or retro-fitting for repairs, and clamps together easily.

Dekstrip Flashing

Dekstrip Flashing contains a unique and patented internal aluminium strip to allow you to form almost any shape required to seal and waterproof, regardless of application, from pipes and ducts to skylights, chimneys and curved roofing profiles.

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