External Air Admittance Valves / Durgo Valves

External air admittance valves, also known as durgo valves, are designed to externally ventilate soil stacks and ventilating stacks without the need to penetrate the roof. Clever design and manufacture from brands such as Polylok and ACO mean that external air admittance valves can operate effectively in different environmental temperatures, working to ensure that odours and foul air don’t enter the building.

Installing external air admittance valves also has implications on the external aesthetics of the roof as the valve reduces the amount of pipework needed at roofline to take the opening far enough away from any building openings, and external air admittance valves mean you don’t need to penetrate the roof shell.

External air admittance valves, or external durgo valve products, in this range are compliant with the requirements laid out in Building Regulations Part H but it’s worth noting that external air admittance valves are not permitted for use in certain situations. These types of valves must be fitted to vertical pipework with a minimum distance of at least 200mm from the highest water entry point.

Using external air admittance valves to stop foul gasses and smells entering a building from pipework is easier with options in colours and brand names such as FloPlast and ACO. FloPlast external air admittance valves, or durgo valves, are manufactured to BS EN 12380:2002. For advice on which solution best matches your application, contact our drainage experts on 01752 692 221.

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