Hunter Underground Drainage System 110mm & 160mm

Hunter Plastics offers a range of 110mm & 160mm underground drainage systems that will work for your latest project, whatever the layout. With over 40 years of experience in the underground drainage market, the company has ensured they produce high quality goods, with constant innovations to create the best underground drainage pipes.

Most of Hunter’s underground drainage system components are created from PVCu, making them lightweight, whilst also providing strength, resistance to impact and ease of installation, even in wet conditions. The lightweight material also means that the pipes can be created in longer lengths, reducing the number of joints required. This will improve flow and reduce potential blockages.

From pipes, gullies and inspection chambers to sockets, branches, bends and more, Hunter drainage offers everything you’ll need to create even the most complicated of drainage systems and meet the needs of the most stringent building regulations. 

Products in Hunter Underground Drainage System 110mm & 160mm:

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