Brett Martin Underground Drainage System - 110mm & 160mm

Brett Martin is one of the leading independent building product manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and has over 50 years of expertise in plumbing and drainage systems. Brett Martin’s underground drainage systems provide you with a comprehensive choice of products to complete your next drainage project.

Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a wide range of 110mm drainage pipe & 160mm drainage pipe solutions from Brett Martin's underground drainage products to choose from. We have a range of straightforward drain pipes, couplers, bends and branches, as well as a selection of access fittings, soakaways, inspection chambers, drainage gullies and more to improve efficiencies and access to your drainage system. 

Why choose Brett Martin underground drainage systems?

Often considered as the market leader in plastic drainage products and exporting to over 70 countries worldwide, they are able to invest in innovation and product development to design underground drainage systems that work efficiently and are cost effective.

All Brett Martin products are manufactured under a range of British and European Standards, including quality management, specification for uPVC non-pressure underground drainage pipes and systems, specifications for uPVC ancillary fittings, and more. 

Drain gullies

Brett Martin offers one of the largest gully drain product ranges in the industry. Their range of drainage gullies come with a variety of different outlet numbers, as well as unique styles and colours. A drain gully from Brett martin can mean a fantastic and easy way for water or sewage to transfer away from the home through a large plastic pipe and down through the underground water pipe systems. 

Check out the different types of rainwater gully to ensure you have the ideal drainage gully to use for your property. Whether you need one or more drainage gully products to install on your property, Drainage Superstore can provide you with a range of solutions when it comes to rainwater gullies

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