Landscape and Weed Control Fabrics

A well-installed landscape or weed control fabric can make all the difference to your finished landscaping project as gardens, parks and pathways are protected from weeds and unwanted substrate movement.

Ideal for sloped surfaces, some landscape fabrics available here at Drainage Superstore can be applied up to a 60° pitch. This allows for the protection of mulch or wood chips where they would otherwise slip down the land. Another popular type of landscape fabrics that’s available from us is a root barrier fabric. Proved to protect against bamboo, root barrier from DuPont is a chemically inert, strong, spun material that can easily keep bamboo and hypericum at bay without damaging the surrounding landscape.

Weed control fabric

We stock several varieties of weed control fabric here at Drainage Superstore. Each type of fabric is designed to keep weeds from sprouting up through the soil by acting as a permeable barrier. They allow air and water to pass through, whilst stopping weeds in their tracks. They’re easy to use in the garden. All you have to do is cut the sheet to the appropriate shape of the garden space, and then cut holes in it where the plants will be placed. Which weed control fabric is best for your application? Use our guide.

The sheets are secured in place with landscaping pins, and then covered over with a relatively thick layer of mulch. As such, the plants that you have intentionally planted in the garden have access to the soil, but weeds aren’t able to sprout up through the protective layer.

Landscape fabric is not just for gardens, either. It can be used to keep weeds from overgrowing other fixtures as well. Installing it under timber decking is an excellent way to keep weeds from creeping up underneath your structure and slowly overtaking it. Weed control fabric is particularly helpful in the case of something like a patio or deck, where you don’t intend to grow anything at all. There’s no need to cut any holes in the fabric. Instead, you can simply fit it in place and pin it down. Water and air can reach the soil, but no weeds will grow up between the cracks in your deck.

Feel free to browse the extensive line of landscape fabric listed on this page, and don’t hesitate to contact us on 01752 692221 if you have any questions about the type of fabric that is best-suited to your job.

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