Wallbarn’s range of geotextiles include products manufactured from both polypropylene and recycled polypropylene. They’re all high strength and the entire Wallbarn range is known for its durability which is thanks in part to a range of densities that mean installers can opt for a GSM that suits the requirements of their project.

Wallbarn geotextiles can be used in so many applications including for separation, reinforcement and filtration. Wallbarn’s non-woven geotextile products can be used to stabilise soil and sand that may otherwise make for unreliable building surfaces for patios, decking and other projects of this nature. By installing a layer of a geotextile, such as one of Wallbarn’s PPS polypropylene geotextile fabrics, you can prevent the soil and sand from being soaked and saturated with water. This will promote a stable and sound surface as the geotextile lets water through but retains particles.

Wallbarn Protecto-Drain

Wallbarn Protecto-Drain, also known as Cavity Drain or Fin Drain, is manufactured from high density polyethylene to provide an air gap in certain construction applications to drain water effectively without it touching the surface of the structure. Perfect for vertical surfaces, it can be used in applications like foundation walls, below-ground-level concrete, waterproofing structures and basements too. Protecto-Drain can be used as a waterproofing layer as the lightweight structure will prevent point-loading of soil against the surface whilst draining water effectively, but it’s recommended that it’s used as an extra layer of protection for the waterproof seal.

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