Dupont Plantex Landscape Solutions

DuPont uses their years of experience, innovation and scientific research to develop products that create solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, and DuPont Plantex is a range of landscaping solutions for homeowners, commercial and industrial use.

Ground grids

DuPont’s GroundGrids provide a solution to unstable or soft ground. A honeycomb structure similar to cells, the grid confines aggregates, stone, gravel or soil to create a firm and stable surface that both pedestrians and traffic can pass over. Additionally, it enhances drainage by allowing water to pass through vertically and horizontally, preventing pooling and localised flooding.

Root barrier

RootBarrier from DuPont helps to control plants such as bamboo and pyracantha, that have aggressive root systems. The roots of these plants can often grow over and cause damage to essential cables, pipes and foundations, so restricting their growth can have major benefits. RootBarrier can also be used to separate planted areas in parks, preventing different planted areas from merging. RootBarrier is stable in all types of soil, is resistant to rot and is super quick and easy to install.

Weed control fabric

Weed control fabric is designed to control weeds, reduce the amount of mulch required during landscaping and gardening, and to stabilise sites. Designed with a porous structure, it allows air, water and nutrients to pass through whilst preventing weed growth. 

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