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Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a range of geotextiles and membranes to be used on your latest project, all at our famously low prices.

Geotextiles and geotextile membranes are permeable fabrics that can be used in drainage and engineering applications. They can be used to prevent mixing of different soils, prevent materials from entering drainage systems, or to encourage surplus water to flow in the correct direction over structures by using the plane of the geotextiles. Geotextiles can also be used to increase the load capacity of traffic areas by acting as ground reinforcement and spreading weight evenly.

Why use geotextiles and membranes?

They can stop soil and gravel from moving around too much

Planning on covering your driveway in gravel? Having a strong, woven geotextile membrane in place will keep the gravel in place and it will stop it from spilling onto the road. These geotextiles are designed to allow water through, whilst separating and stabilising the aggregate within.

They can keep different parts of your soil separate

From potholes on your driveway to sagging bits of your lawn, when soil becomes compacted due to heavy use it can start to cause all sorts of unsightly problems. Geotextiles not only help to absorb and spread the weight of heavy loads, but they can also keep different parts of soil separate to prevent sinking and rutting caused by aggregates settling into the soil beneath.

They extend the life to your paved paths or patios

Surface cracking is a huge problem in paved patios and it not only looks unsightly, it means that water can get in and cause further headaches. Geotextiles like Wallbarn, Groundtex or TCS help you avoid cracking by providing reinforcement between the paving and soil beneath. This not only forms a moisture barrier, it can also absorb future stress to stop the spread of the dreaded cracks. It also makes gravel paths and soil easier to walk or drive on.

They can create a green roof

A geotextile membrane like the one from Alumasc will help you create a green roof that not only looks attractive but is low maintenance too. The fabric works double duty to ensure surface water drains away and that no roots penetrate through the roof.

To use a geotextile for ground stabilisation and soil separation

Use a strong geotextile for ground stabilisation and soil separation. This could be woven, but sometimes a non-woven membrane may be chosen to add extra drainage capabilities. Alternatively use a pre-made gravel grid.

How it works: Different types of soil can have different consistencies. When soil mixes in the rain, the ground can become uneven and even sink as small particles get washed down in between the larger soil particles. Geotextile membranes prevent this from happening. They keep different layers of soil separate, meaning any hardscaping built on top will be strong and secure.

Suitable for: Perfect for use under roads or driveways, paths or patios.

How to install: Prepare the base by removing large stones or debris that could cut or tear the fabric. Then roll out your chosen geotextile over the prepared area, keeping overlaps to a minimum. Secure in place using fixing pegs, then put the sub-base over it, compacting it with a roller.

Which geotextile membrane to choose: Drainage Superstore stocks a variety of products that are perfect for ground stabilisation and soil separation.

  • Drivetex is a professional driveway fabric used specifically for ground stabilisation, yet it also has excellent filtration and drainage properties too. It can prevent sinking and potholes caused by the settlement of aggregates into the soil beneath and does not lose strength when used below ground, making it the perfect choice for areas that are subject to a lot of stress and strain.
  • Groundtex is made of tough woven fabric and has excellent strength and tear resistance when used below driveways and paths.
  • Earthworx is an extra heavy-duty, non-woven geotextile widely used for roads, car parks, foundations and retaining structures.
  • TCS Geotechnics provide both woven and non-woven geotextile membrane and are a leading provider of specialist geotechnical products for the construction and civil engineering industries.
  • Terram is so famous within the industry that many people call all geotextiles ‘Terram’. Its non-woven drainage membrane is particularly robust, making it suitable to use even when the potential for installation damage is high. It can take high levels of stress and strain without the risk of puncture.
  • Wallbarn is widely known for its durability. Its non-woven geotextile products can be used to stabilise soil and sand under patios and decking because it makes even notoriously unreliable building surfaces more stable.

To use a geotextile for drainage or filtration

Use a non-woven geotextile for drainage or filtration. 

How it works: Non-woven geotextiles are excellent at allowing water to pass through whilst keeping fine particles of soil out. One of their most common uses is the wrapping and protection of soakaway crates and land drains, but that’s not all they do. Non-wovens are also used beneath domestic patios and block paving bases, keeping the granular layer apart from the soil whilst still allowing the water to drain away freely.

Suitable for: Ideal for use in soakaway systems and land drains, and beneath domestic patios and hardscaping.

How to install: To use non-woven fabrics in a soakaway system, wrap every side of your crate in the geotextile fabric and fix it in place with staples or strong tape.

Which drainage of filtration fabric to choose: Drainage Superstore stocks a number of products that deal specifically with drainage.

  • Draintex is a standard duty, non-woven geotextile fabric with excellent drainage and filtration properties. It’s perfect for lining trenches when constructing a French drain and for wrapping soakaway crates. It can also be used as ground stabilisation membrane in many hard landscaping projects.
  • ACO make products specifically for lining soakaway crates. They also sell a protective fleece that can protect the geomembrane from mechanical damage.
  • Wallbarn sells products targeted specifically at drainage. They allow the flow of water through the soil without any clogging.

Filter socks

As well as geotextiles and membranes we also have a range of pipe filter socks in various sizes, which are manufactured from geotextile fabric. These pipe socks are fitted on land drains and allow very fine soil particles and water to pass through, whilst preventing larger soil particles from passing through. 

If you have any questions about our products or aren’t sure which one is right for your project, give our friendly customer service team a call on 01752 or use the live chat on your screen and we'll be happy to assist you.


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