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ACO drains are renowned for their durability, reliability and attractive design. Over 50 years of experience in the drainage industry has made ACO one of the best known and respected brands. Their range of A15 load class channel drains is a favourite amongst builders, plumbers, DIYers and landscapers alike thanks to their attractiveness, ease of installation and function. We've written a guide on how to install ACO drains so you have everything you need to complete your project once you've secured a reliable product by ordering with us! 

ACO HexDrain and ACO RainDrain are some of the most popular ACO channel drains here at Drainage Superstore, including ACO HexDrain Garage Pack which can be ordered with next day delivery before 12 noon. Discover more about ACO drainage channels below. 

ACO HexDrain

ACO HexDrain is a high strength channel drain manufactured with a recycled polypropylene base for use in domestic applications. Popular amongst homeowners and property developers alike, the channel drain is simple to install and comes with 9 other grating options so each system can be customised to the property it’s installed in front of. 

For complete ease, ACO HexDrain is available as ‘ACO HexDrain Garage Pack’. ACO HexDrain Garage Pack is a comprehensive kit that contains everything you need to install 3m of HexDrain across the threshold of a garage. It makes installation so easy and it means you don’t need to worry about whether you’ve ordered the right kit or if you have enough of it. 

ACO HexDrain and ACO HexDrain Garage Pack are both available on next day delivery if they are ordered before 12 noon.

ACO RainDrain

ACO RainDrain is another ACO domestic application favourite. Having specially developed a lightweight concrete, Vienite, using recycled polymer, ACO can offer RainDrain as a fantastic option for domestic drainage. The strong, stable base is a great foundation for the galvanised steel grating that comes with ACO RainDrain. 

You can once again choose from nine Complete the Look gratings to customise ACO RainDrain however if you opt for the ‘Antique Iron’ grating, ACO RainDrain has an increased load capacity. The typically A15 RainDrain gets upgraded to B125 load class, meaning the load capacity increases from a maximum of 1.5 tonnes to a maximum of 12.5 tonnes. This then makes this product suitable for the beginning of driveways and light traffic car parks too.

ACO Threshold Channel Drain

ACO Threshold drain is a slim plastic and aluminium channel which has been designed for entryways to domestic properties. Its slimline design allows the channel to be discrete and stylish without compromising on function. ACO Threshold will stop water from ponding at the entrance to a home. It’s advised that this ACO channel drain is used at the door threshold but not in the doorway. For drainage at the doorway, to prevent water from coming into the property, use ACO DoorWay drain as detailed below.

The width of ACO Threshold drain is just 60mm, coming in handy 1m lengths to easily cover the average door width. Choose from a silver aluminium grate or black aluminium grate to match your home's exterior. To make sure this threshold drain is safe for pedestrian traffic it features ACO’s Heelguard grating as standard. This grating has drainage holes on the top which are too small for high heels to get caught in, protecting people walking in and out of the house.

Use an outlet to connect this grating to connect to underground drainage of the property and this channel drain will function without you ever knowing it’s there.

ACO DoorWay Drain

ACO DoorWay drain is very similar to ACO Threshold drain except it’s wider and so will be more effective at preventing water from running into a property. If your entry pathway is at a slight slope running toward the house, it may be worth installing ACO DoorWay drain to prevent any water ingress.

ACO DoorWay drain slots underneath the doorway at the point of installation meaning that the door frame doesn’t need to be cut or altered. At 125mm wide and 1000mm in length, this DoorWay drain is perfect for the average width of a doorway without any alternations to the product.

How does channel drainage work?

Channel drains are a common construction item used around the world for a variety of purposes. You may also hear them called trench drains or linear drains. But how does channel drainage work? The simplest explanation as to how channel drainage works is that it is based on gravity. Channel drains should always be positioned with a downward incline, known as a fall. If the fall is too steep this will be detrimental as the water won't be able to drain fast enough. We recommend a 1 to 150 fall at most.

Linear drainage systems take in water along their entire length, rather than at one point like a gully does. They are made up of an enclosed channel with some form of grating over the top, so they're well suited to areas like garage thresholds where water would otherwise flow naturally into the garage. The main purpose of a channel drain is to remove surface water away from a selected area. This helps to prevent flooding and overspill. These drains are also used to control water flow in an area by reducing the stress being put on the system.

Types and applications of channel drainage

There are two basic types of channel drain: those with built-in falls, and those that maintain a regular depth along their entire length. Those with built-in falls tend to be used to drain large, flat areas such as car parks. The 'regular depth' type is used for short lengths of drain and on areas with a natural slope or fall.

Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a wide range of channel drainage solutions available. These range from basic half-metre or metre-long concrete units for use on private driveways, to stainless steel units with medical uses.

Channel drains come in a variety of sizes, from 50mm units for roof drainage to 250mm deep motorway drains. They are designed using a variety of materials, including polymer concrete, wet-press concrete, HDPE and stainless steel. The end use of the drain will determine which type is most suitable (read up on how to select the right channel drain before your purchase).

There are also a number of accessories that will be required for certain projects. We supply a wide range including sump units, access and corner units, end caps, and outlet adaptors for channel drains. Information on how to install an ACO drain can be found in our H&A guide.

If you would like any extra advice or assistance on ACO drainage products, call our drainage experts on 01752 692 221or use the live chat on your screen and we'll be happy to assist you. They will be glad to help you complete your project.


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