ACO Channel Drainage

ACO drains are renowned for their durability, reliability and attractive design. Over 50 years of experience in the drainage industry has made ACO one of the best known and respected brands. Their range of A15 load class channel drains is a favourite amongst builders, plumbers, DIYers and landscapers alike thanks to their attractiveness, ease of installation and their function. We've written a guide on how to install ACO drain so you have everything you need to complete your project once you've secured a reliable product by ordering with us! 

 ACO HexDrain and ACO RainDrain are some of the most popular channel drains here at Drainage Superstore, including ACO HexDrain Garage Pack which can be ordered with next day delivery before 12 noon.

ACO HexDrain

ACO HexDrain is a high strength channel drain manufactured with a recycled polypropylene base for use in domestic applications. Popular amongst home owners and property developers alike, the channel drain is simple to install and comes with 9 other grating options so each system can be customised to the property it’s installed in front of. 

For complete ease, ACO HexDrain is available as ‘ACO HexDrain Garage Pack’. ACO HexDrain Garage Pack is a comprehensive kit that contains everything you need to install 3m of HexDrain across the threshold of a garage. It makes install so easy and it means you don’t need to worry about whether you’ve ordered the right kit or if you have enough of it. 

ACO HexDrain and ACO HexDrain Garage Pack are both available on next day delivery if they are ordered before 12 noon.

ACO RainDrain

ACO RainDrain is another ACO domestic application favourite. Having specially developed a lightweight concrete, Vienite, using recycled polymer, ACO can offer RainDrain as a fantastic option for domestic drainage. The strong, stable base is a great foundation for the galvanised steel grating that comes with ACO RainDrain. 

You can once again choose from 9 Complete the Look gratings to customise ACO RainDrain however if you opt for the ‘Antique Iron’ grating, ACO RainDrain has an increased load capacity. The typically A15 RainDrain gets upgraded to B125 load class, meaning the load capacity increases from a maximum 1.5 tonnes to a maximum 12.5 tonnes. This then makes this product suitable for the beginning of driveways and light traffic car parks too.

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