When carrying out a drainage project for your customers there are many upgrades you can offer them so that their finished results look even better than they were expecting. Offering custom products including channel drain grating styles, channel drain colours, and guttering colours can leave a customer extremely happy with their project, which in turn reflects on you and your work. Find out what we can help you offer below.

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Better-looking channel drainage with custom grating

With A15 channel drains from ACO, you can now offer your customers ‘Complete the Look’ gratings so they can achieve a more bespoke and good-looking channel drain system. Compatible with ACO Hexdrain and ACO Raindrain channels, 6 choices of ‘Complete the Look’ gratings are available. Try ACO’s selector software to show your customer which grating looks best with their garden, driveway, or walkway.

Choose styles and colours for personalised guttering

There are many options available to your customers here at Drainage Superstore when it comes to the grating. Choosing between brands and manufacturer materials might be hard enough, but with our ever-growing range, we can now offer even more colours and styles. From the likes of Brett Martin, Lindab, Hargreaves, and more, guttering styles available include ogee, half round, square, deepstyle, and box profile. As well as selecting the shape of their guttering you can give your customers their choice of colours too. Available in all RAL colours, custom-painted guttering can be the perfect touch to finish a project.

Match your exterior with RAL-painted channel drain grates

Matching guttering to the colour of channel drain gratings can bring a project together by rounding off the colour scheme of the exterior. Whether the channel drain is lining a walkway or at the bottom of a driveway, the looks are extremely important to your customer so offering custom-painted grates can be a great up-sell. With Dek-Drain A15 channels custom channel grates can be delivered in just 3-5 days after price on application.

Contact our drainage experts on 01752 692 221 if you’d like assistance on what we can offer you and your clients, including information on lead times, installation advice, and fittings you might need.

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