Land Drainage Pipe

Check out our range of land drainage pipe coils, available in perforated and unperforated designs to suit your project. We're also able to supply you with a range of accessories to complete your land drainage system to the very highest standards, including end caps, branch junctions, coil connectors and much, much more, with sizes ranging from 60mm to 160mm. Want some advice or need to check details about field drainage pipe or flexbile drain pipe products? Call our knowledgeable team on 01752 692 221 and they’ll have all the information you need.

Land Drainage Pipe Usage

Land drain pipes are used in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, usually creating French drains or soakaway systems to manage surface water in flood plains or flat land. Perforated drainage pipe options can be used for soakaways and French drains as they allow collected surface water to flow steadily out into the surrounding land at a more acceptable rate so as the ground doesn’t become sodden. Pipes are available in 25m and 50m coils both perforated pipe drainage and unperforated.

Perforated Land Drainage Pipe

Perforated land drain pipes are perfect for collecting unwanted surface water in fields, car parks and plains of land which otherwise would hold excess water. These perforated drain pipe products can drain the water to a more suitable place, like a natural watercourse for example, whilst a soakaway or French drain system allows some of the water to flow out naturally into the surrounding land so as not to saturate the ground.

Unperforated Land Drainage Pipe

Unperforated land drain pipes are corrugated on the outside and benefit from high strength thanks to their high-density polyethylene manufacture. These unperforated pipes have no holes in them so they’re great for use in attenuation features where water may want to be drained to another collection point, or for soakaway systems where the soakaway needs to be directed to a natural water course or the ground that can receive some of the surface water is further away from the soakaway system.

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