Cast Iron Underground Drain Pipe

When it comes to the most lightweight, easy-to-install underground pipework, we’re always confident to recommend the Harmer SML range. This dry-jointed pipework system has been manufactured and rigorously tested to comply with BS EN 877 and is CE kitemarked for total peace of mind. To chat through the intricacies of the system or identify which size cast iron drain pipes you require, call our friendly team on 01752 692221 and they’ll gladly assist you.

100mm cast iron drain pipe

Offering a dimension of 100mm on each pipe, this cast iron pipe system is put together with the use of twin screw couplings with a socketless fixing between both the pipe and the fitting. Installable without the need for special tools or equipment, this system can be assembled with either ductile or stainless steel couplings.

150mm cast iron drain pipe

Boasting an impressive 30 years plus of usage in the market thanks to its inherent ease of use, Harmer SML is also available with 150mm pipe dimensions, perfect for a range of complete system installations. When installed in conjunction with Harmer Roof Outlets, Harmer SML can also be used within rainwater installations.

200mm cast iron drain pipe

Available in standard 3m lengths, the 200mm cast iron soil pipe from Harmer SML is manufactured with a host of corresponding extras including hard-wearing cast iron couplings, iron brackets, access pipes and more. All fittings are finished with a durable epoxy coating (with a maximum thickness of 60 µm) to ensure you get the maximum lifetime from your installation with minimal maintenance required. Truely high-quality cast iron drainage. 

250mm cast iron drain pipe

If you’re installing the 250mm Harmer SML system, be sure to pick up the innovative tool kit which comprises everything you need for straightforward installation. With everything from allen keys to a torque wrench, drive sockets to a ratchet handle, this complementary kit has everything you need to guarantee the best finish the easy way.

300mm cast iron drain pipe

Also available with 3m pipe lengths measuring 300mm, Harmer SML cast iron pipework is non combustible, meaning you won't need to install fire protection collars on the system. With a high-tensile strength and high levels of resistance to accidental damage and vandalism, Harmer SML remains a popular choice when ease of installation and lasting durability are of equal importance.

400mm cast iron drain pipe

Super-simple to install with the corresponding installation tool kit (which comprises everything from allen keys to drive sockets), Harmer SML 400mm cast iron pipe is manufactured to extremely high standards to bring you unbeatable noise attenuation (tested to BS EN 14366: 2004) as well as 100% recyclability. All pipes and fittings within the range are manufactured in tough grey iron (to DIN 1691 - exceeds BS 1452 Grade 150 ISO 185 Grade 15) while couplings are crafted in stainless steel and ductile cast iron. All pipes have an exterior coat of primer while the interior has an epoxy coating. Fittings are coated with epoxy for a hard-wearing finish that requires little to no maintenance over the system’s lifetime.

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