Road Gullies

Modern, durable road gullies from the experts at Drainage Superstore. Browse the range to find out more about our excellent collection of road gully products, including gully covers and gully grates from high-quality brands such as Brett Martin, ULTRA3 and EJ.

Road gullies

Road gullies collect surface water from the road, and into the drainage system where it is then taken to a watercourse, storm drain or soakaway. Road gullies have combination outlets to twinwall connections, which makes them a flexible solution for a wide range of applications, from airports and motorways to car parks and car parks and more. The road gully also has a trap to prevent unpleasant odours, as well as preventing sediment from entering the drainage system. 

Yard gullies

Yard Gullies are similar to road gullies but are more lightweight because they are under less pressure and weight from traffic, meaning they are easier to lift and transport. 

Silt buckets

Silt buckets are inserted into road or yard gullies to trap the silt from entering the drainage system and creating blockages, whilst still allowing water to pass through.

Gully grating & frames

Gully grating & frames can also be purchased to cover the gully, preventing materials from entering the system without stopping water from passing through. There are a range of different gully gratings depending on the application. Choose from heavy-duty road gully gratings to pedestrian gratings and yard gratings, and opt for a hinged gully grating for ease of opening and access.

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