Steel Guttering

Steel guttering is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and developers and provides your home with a stunning finish. Manufactured by Stainless Gutta, who have over 25 years of experience in the metal guttering industry, and have ensured all of their steel gutters are designed for easy installation as well as performance.

Non-corrosive properties

Stainless steel is non-corrosive, which makes it rust-free, as well as being much more durable to all weather conditions such as rain, hail and snow. This means virtually no maintenance is required, with no protective coatings needing to be applied periodically.

Withstanding extreme temperatures

Stainless steel is able to withstand extreme temperatures, which, unlike other materials, means that it will not warp or crack when situated in places with large temperature fluctuations.

Environmental awareness

With a growing concern for the environment, and an increasing desire to be environmentally friendly, stainless steel is a popular choice for guttering due to its recyclability – it is 100% recyclable, and it is estimated that each stainless steel guttering product consists of 60% recycled material. Additionally, the long life expectancy of around 100 years or more makes stainless steel guttering an environmentally friendly choice because it will not need to be replaced for a long time.


As well as the above benefits, stainless steel is often a popular choice for guttering due to its aesthetics – no decoration is required, and the guttering will remain sleek and shiny. 

Products in Stainless Steel Guttering:

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Showing 1-36 of 136