ACO Qmax Channel Drainage - F900 Class

ACO Qmax is one of the latest ranges of channel drainage from ACO. ACO have been manufacturing a wide range of drainage solutions for several years, using their knowledge and experience to become one of the world's most popular channel drainage manufacturers, and the Qmax range of channel drainage is one of the most innovative solutions yet. 

The ACO Qmax slot drainage range has been designed to provide maximum capacity, as well as rainwater storage and attenuation, and preventing the need for carryover during storm conditions. Efficient and effective, the ACO Qmax drainage system doesn't compromise on style, ensuring that as a slot channel, the drainage system is barely visible, minimising visual impact.

This range of ACO Qmax drainage is manufactured to F900 class, which means that it can be used in areas with a maximum load of 90 tonnes. The ACO Qmax F900 class is perfect for airport channel drainage, dock drainage, and other industrial areas where heavy vehicles such as service vehicles, planes and lorries pass over.

Products in ACO Qmax:

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