Landscape fabric is most commonly used for weed control. However, it has many other benefits too! This includes soil moisture retention, minimising the need for herbicides, as well as strengthening the area. Fabric for landscapes is also known as weed control fabric or membrane. It is available in many shapes and sizes from a range of different brands. One question that many have, however, is where can you install landscape fabric. There are two main options. For further information about landscape fabric, check out this handy guide.

Installing landscape fabric under gravel

You may need to install landscape fabric under a gravel path or driveway. It can be particularly useful for decorative gravel or bark areas. Areas laid with gravel can be disrupted by invasive weed growth. Installing landscape fabric prior to laying the gravel can help to counteract this, providing a long-lasting solution to ensure the integrity of the area.

Installing landscape fabric under grass

A more popular place to install landscape fabric is under a grass area in the garden.

Landscape fabric under gravel

How to install landscape fabric

Installing landscape fabric is a relatively straightforward process. The first step is to prepare the area. Flatten the area by removing all existing plants and rocks in the soil. Use a cutting tool to ensure the fabric is shaped and fitted to the area. If you have existing plants in the area, you can cut small openings into the fabrics to fit around the stems.

Landscape and weed control fabrics

There are a number of different landscape fabric products available at Drainage Superstore. Check out the wide range we have available to choose from to ensure your landscape is set with your ideal fabric quality at a great cost.

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