When it comes to artificial grass, we typically think of traditional one colour green grass. There’s in fact a wide variety of grass types and colours to choose from! So here’s your guide to artificial grass.

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Why choose artificial grass?

Artificial grass is known for being low-maintenance. It allows you to have the most efficient solution for a lawn without the hassle of keeping it looking especially tidy. Due to the practicality, it is now becoming a more common solution and as such is now available in many styles.

Artificial grass benefits

The benefits of artificial grass aren’t limited to its low-maintenance advantage. You can also expect a neat little collection of benefits, including;

  • Modern appearance
  • Hard-wearing
  • No more grass stains or muddy footprints!
  • Can blend in with the natural look of a lawn
  • Easy to clean
  • No more lawn-mowing!
  • Fast draining material
  • Easy to apply to smaller and oddly shaped areas around the land
  • Can be laid immediately onto hard or soft surfaces
  • Great for areas with shade reducing the growth of natural grass
  • Ideal for children and pets

Artificial grass sizes

An artificial grass roll typically comes in one meter or two meter widths and is available in different lengths. Though it’s always worth buying a bigger size than needed if you have any angles, corners or odd shaped ground to lay on as this means minimal joins and a professional finish.

When it comes to the original sizes, these can be used for small gardens or balconies. They are also typically cut prior to ensure they’re a manageable size for easy finish with minimal joins. To make it easier, consider artificial grass like wallpaper – lay them length to length and try to buy them from all in the same batch for consistency, authenticity and a neat finish.

13mmPutting Green Pro 13mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetrePutting Green Pro 13mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
15mmPrime Colours 15mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreePrime Colours 15mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Pile height

Quest 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Forte Lido Plus 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
Quest 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Forte Lido Plus 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
35mmForte Fantasia 35mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Fantasia 35mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
36mmForte Fashion 36mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Fashion 36mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
40mm Forte Wisdom 40mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Wisdom 40mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

What do I need to consider when buying artificial grass?

First and foremost, know what you want and are trying to achieve! Do you want dense, thick and long grass? Do you want the grass in an authentic colour or something modern like black? There are all sorts of colours to choose from. If you’re also planning to install the artificial grass in a high-traffic areas, you’ll need a more durable product to ensure a lengthy use.

Pile height

The pile height refers to the length of the artificial grass. This means you could have a well-maintained, short lawn or something more like a bush-style and natural.

Colour of artificial grass

Artificial grass is typically sought out for it’s various shades of green available. However, there are non-traditional colours which can be a perfect solution for injecting personality or complimenting other shades in your outdoor space.

Pet friendly artificial grass

If you have any pets, artificial grass can be perfect for any companion. They can be cleaned easily with disinfectant too, which makes it a perfectly safe solution for owner and animal.

Where can I lay artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be laid on almost any surface. This includes being laid directly onto concrete, decking or even paving. You will, however, need to consider having an underlay to ensure the grass softer under foot. A thicker underlay, for example, can be perfect for gardens with active children as it can protect them with softer falls.

It is also worth noting artificial grass can be laid over existing lawns that you would rather not spend time maintaining. You can also use a weed control fabric and this will stop weeds sprouting from underneath the artificial grass; causing disruption and breaking through.

Much artificial grass in recent years has also been popularly used in commercial areas, schools and even nurseries. In fact, with artificial grass can make sure teachers can give their students a better outdoor learning experience.

What else do I need to know about artificial grass?

The key things to know are anything over 30mm pile height is recommended to be coated in a thing layer of sand. This helps with the stability of the artificial grass by giving it additional weight. It also helps lift the pile.

When adding sand, make sure to brush it in so you can’t see it. Five kilograms of sand per square meter of artificial grass should do the trick! It won’t need topping up as it’s just something to consider for installation when choosing the pile height.

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