Artificial grass is a fantastic substitute for traditional grass landscapes and has many advantages. They need minimal maintenance and come in a wide range of grass types.

That’s not all. You may be thinking artificial grass only comes in one colour – green. This isn’t the case. In fact, there are many different artificial grass colours to choose from.

Read on to learn about the perks of artificial grass and how you can use it to brighten up your garden.

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Why choose artificial grass?

One of the most well-known benefits of artificial grass is it’s low-maintenance. Ensuring you have a good-looking lawn that is efficient and has little hassle to keep tidy.

Due to its practicality, it is now more common and available in many styles. Perfect if you want a unique garden landscape.

Benefits of artificial grass

The benefits of artificial grass are vast. As well as being low-maintenance, it also comes with many other useful qualities.

Here is a neat little collection of the other benefits of artificial grass:

  • Modern appearance
  • Hard-wearing
  • No more grass stains or muddy footprints!
  • Can blend in with the natural look of a lawn
  • Easy to clean
  • No more lawn-mowing!
  • Fast draining material
  • Easy to apply to smaller and oddly shaped areas around the land
  • You can lay it immediately onto hard or soft surfaces
  • Great for areas with shade reducing the growth of natural grass
  • Ideal for children and pets

Artificial grass sizes

A standard roll of artificial grass usually comes in one-meter or two-meter widths. Different lengths are available.

Whatever you need, we recommend buying a bigger size than needed. Especially if you have angles, corners or odd-shaped ground to lay the roll on. Doing this means minimal joins and a professional finish.

You can use original sizes for small gardens or balconies. These original sizes are usually cut for you. They allow for a more manageable artificial grass roll for an easy finish with minimal joins.

Think of artificial grass as wallpaper. Lay the rolls of artificial grass length to length. Try to buy them all from the same batch, too. This can ensure consistency, authenticity and a neat finish.

13mmPutting Green Pro 13mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetrePutting Green Pro 13mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
15mmPrime Colours 15mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreePrime Colours 15mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Pile height

Quest 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Forte Lido Plus 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
Quest 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

Forte Lido Plus 30mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
35mmForte Fantasia 35mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Fantasia 35mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
36mmForte Fashion 36mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Fashion 36mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre
40mm Forte Wisdom 40mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear MetreForte Wisdom 40mm Artificial Grass - Per Linear Metre

What do I need to consider when buying artificial grass?

First, know what you want and are trying to achieve!

Do you want dense, thick and long grass? Do you want the grass in an authentic colour or something modern like black? There are all sorts of colours to choose from.

If you’re also planning to install artificial grass in high-traffic areas, you’ll need a more durable product to ensure a lengthy use.

Pile height

The pile height refers to the length of the artificial grass. There are two types that are the most common. A well-maintained short lawn or something more bush-styled and natural.

Colour of artificial grass

Artificial grass is typically wanted for its various shades of green available. Nowadays, there are non-traditional colours like yellow, blue, purple etc.

Non-traditional colours can be a great alternative to the classic green colour. They can inject personality or complement other shades in your outdoor space.

Pet-friendly artificial grass

If you have any pets, artificial grass can be perfect for any companion.

Cleaning artificial grass is a breeze with disinfectant. You can also get a special brush for artificial grass to keep it free from debris. So it’s a perfectly safe solution for owners and animals.

Find out what you can do to look after your artificial grass when you have pets.

What do you lay artificial grass on?

Have you ever wondered what goes under artificial grass? Well, you can lay artificial grass on almost any surface. This includes concrete, decking or even paving.

Having said that, you must consider having an underlay. An artificial grass underlay will ensure the grass is softer underfoot. Thicker underlays, for example, are perfect for gardens with active children. An underlay can protect them from softer falls.

It is also worth noting you can lay artificial grass over existing lawns. This is especially useful if you would rather not spend time maintaining it.

If you have a problem with weeds, use a weed control fabric. Place this underneath the artificial grass. Doing so can disrupt the weeds and prevent them from breaking through. You can also opt for a weed killer for artificial grass if desired.

Many commercial areas, schools and nurseries have also benefited from using artificial grass. In fact, it’s great for outdoor learning experiences for both students and teachers.

What else do I need to know about artificial grass?

Here’s a tip when laying artificial grass.

Experts recommend to coat anything over 30mm pile height in a thin layer of sand. This helps with the stability of the artificial grass by giving it more weight. It also helps lift the pile.

When adding sand, make sure to brush it in so you can’t see it. Five kilograms of sand per square meter of artificial grass should do the trick! It won’t need topping up as it’s just something to consider for installation when choosing the pile height.

How much is artificial grass?

Artificial grass can cost as little as £5 per metre squared to £80 per metre squared.

With that said, the cost of artificial grass can vary. More often than not this is because of the supplier and the type of fake grass you choose.

Now, for total cost that includes installation, you’re looking at a few hundred or even thousand. Though this cost will depend on the size of the garden.

Where to buy artificial grass

You can buy artificial grass right here at our Superstore! Go ahead and check out our range to find the best artificial grass for your needs. Better yet, couple it with other outdoor flooring to create the perfect space outdoors.

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How regularly should you clean artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be cleaned weekly or monthly. However, it is typically advised that you assess the cleanliness of your grass weekly. This is because debris like dead leaves or mud can pile up rather quickly.

When it comes to a monthly clean, a deep clean to attack any bacteria and random things growing on the top of the turf. This not only keeps it child-friendly but also pet-friendly too!

It’s also worth noting that most artificial grass is self-cleaning, so daily cleaning tasks are not always necessary.

What should you clean artificial grass with?

To keep your artificial grass looking good, you will need to include a cleaning routine.

Although home remedies have been a popular choice, this isn’t the most efficient way to get your artificial glass clean. An artificial grass cleaner is more efficient when it comes into contact with bacteria and random growths on the turf. It’s also simple to apply to the artificial grass as it can be applied and rinsed down once used.

Having said this, some artificial grass products use sand infill depending on the pile height of the grass and the blade’s positioning.


What tools do I need to clean artificial grass?

The tools you need will depend on the type of cleaning or maintenance task you perform on the artificial grass. So ensure you know which maintenance project you’ll be carrying out before obtaining specific tools. Here is a brief overview of the tools you may need to carry out maintenance on your artificial grass:

  • Plastic leaf rake
  • Artificial grass-friendly cleaning solution
  • Soft brush
  • A damp cloth or paper towel
  • Suitable garden knife for scraping off stickier debris

How to clean artificial grass

There are a few ways to clean artificial grass. When it comes to typical maintenance, such as cleaning, these methods can include removing a variety of different elements. From liquids to dirt, debris and even sticky elements, there are many ways to clean artificial grass.

Step one: Using a knife, gently scrape off any stickier elements of debris – make sure to move the knife upwards to avoid completely cutting the blade of grass.

Note: Weeds can also form even within, so use a suitable weed killer for artificial grass or a weed removal tool to remove them carefully from the grass.

Step two: Using a soft plastic rake or brush, gently run the tool over the grass to remove debris and not cause damage.

If you have one, you can also use a petrol leaf blower to swiftly remove the debris and leaves as soon as possible.

Note: If you own pets, make sure to regularly follow this step to remove fur as a build-up can cause drainage issues.

Step three (optional): If snow has built up, use a plastic snow shovel to remove what snow you can – do not use a metal snow shovel to make sure you avoid causing damage to the grass.

Note: Typically ice isn’t a risk to grass stains because of the durable material.

How to remove stains from artificial grass

These could be anything from pet-caused stains, to drink spillages and more. So here is a simple solution to cleaning the artificial grass without removing the patch completely.

Step one: Dampen a cloth or paper towel and gently dab the stain or spillage- rubbing the grass can risk damage.

Note: You can also use an artificial grass cleaner to ensure that those stains can be removed – make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step two: Using a hose or water (depending on the size of the cleaning spot), rinse away any cleaning product used.

Provided the artificial grass has been set correctly, it should drain accordingly.

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