If you own a pet, chances are you have pet-friendly artificial grass. So how are you going to maintain it? Find out how to look after your artificial grass when you have pets via our guide.

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Pet-friendly artificial grass cleaner

One of the most common questions asked is how to clean fake grass from dog urine, but sometimes it isn’t just dogs you have to watch out for. If you have outdoor play areas for your rabbits, guinea pigs or other pets who adore the space then you will also need to know how to keep the artificial grass clean.

How to clean artificial grass when you have pets

This will depend on how many pets you have and what you’re cleaning up after them. Though this can also include removing the odour that has built up from use overtime.

Without proper cleaning after certain pet elements not only causing staining and smells, but also drainage issues which can also lead to the former. That is why it is especially important to clean artificial grass more often if you have a pet to avoid these issues.

Any pets prone to shedding more often can risk clogging of the drainage. So ensure you rake or brush the grass as often as possible to avoid issues.

How to clean fake grass from dog urine

When it comes to animal waste like urine, this can typically drain away with the current installation. However, it can overtime cause staining or bad spells. So using a pet-friendly artificial grass cleaner and washing it away with hose water can be a nice and simple solution.

In fact, using a detergent can be ideal for removing stains or reducing the existing smell that has been left by the animal waste. Just make sure it is animal friendly.

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