Bottle Gullies

Drainage Superstore is pleased to provide you with a fantastic range of bottle gullies from Brett Martin. These durable products are hard to beat.

Gullies allow you to connect pipes into underground drainage systems, allowing water to pass through the gully and out through a higher point, which ensures there is always an amount of water underneath the outlet to prevent odours from leaving the gully. 

Bottle gullies are one of the most popular types of gully because you can use drain rods to clear any blockages or issues. There is a central chamber within the bottle gully that is removable to allow you to clear out any debris, and it allows room to put a drain rod into the drainage system.

Bottle gullies are available in circular or square grids, depending on preference. We also have a range of spare parts for you to replace any broken parts of your bottle gully if required.

If you aren’t sure which product is right for your project, give our customer service team a call on 01752 692 221 and they’ll gladly talk you through it.

Products in Bottle Gullies:

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