Graf Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants (16-90 People)

GRAF is a leading manufacturer of plastic products and water systems in Europe. The KLARO range combines GRAF’s high-quality plastics with KLARO’s innovative systems and technologies to create an efficient biological process within a compact and sleek design. Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a range of commercial sewage treatment plants suitable to serve 16-90 people in GRAF’s KLARO range.

Do I need a sewage treatment plant?

Local requirements dictate that if it is not possible to connect foul drainage to a public sewer, it must be connected to a cesspool, septic tank or package sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plants facilitate the growth of bacteria within the plant, which helps break sewage down into end products which are non-polluting. This means that the effluents are of higher quality, and can be discharged directly to a watercourse, subject to the Environment Agency’s Consent to Discharge. Air is artificially introduced in order to facilitate this bacteria growth, which means electricity is required. 

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