Graf Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants (5-18 People)

GRAF has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic products for over 50 years, using new and innovative methods to provide new solutions to wastewater and sewage treatment plants, such as the development of the world’s largest injection moulding machine to create the world’s highest quality plastic tank.

GRAF has been manufacturing domestic sewage treatment plants for a number of years, and we’re proud to supply their high-quality products. Domestic sewage treatment plants are designed to support applications for 5-18 people, so are most commonly used in homes.

Why choose GRAF’s domestic sewage treatment plants?

Domestic sewage treatment plants from GRAF are made out of incredibly lightweight yet strong plastic. This makes installation and transportation easy, and the smooth plastic surfaces are easy to clean.

The One2Clean range from GRAF has been developed to make domestic sewage treatment plants as easy and simple to use as possible. With just 3 steps required to produce clear water, less energy consumption is required, and there is incredibly little sewage sludge produced. This results in lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs, and less wear and tear.

As well as a number of domestic sewage treatment plants from GRAF in a range of sizes to suit your project, we also have a number of other accessories and upgrades for your system, from heavy-duty pumped outlets to riser sections and external cabinet kiosks. 

Not sure what the best option for your project is? You are most welcome to call our customer services team on 01752 692221 and they’ll happily answer your questions.

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