Stainless Steel Commercial Sinks

Here at Drainage Superstore we stock a range of commercial sinks in stainless steel. Designed with commercial kitchens in mind, they are strong and durable to ensure they withstand daily use in fast pace environments whilst maintaining good levels of hygiene and safety. 

Stainless steel benefits

Stainless steel has a number of properties that makes it a great choice when looking at commercial sinks. It’s non-corrosive behaviour makes it extremely useful in commercial kitchens, allowing harsh cleaning chemicals to be used for hygiene without damaging the sink, and preventing any rust from forming. Additionally, it is extremely long lasting, so that it can withstand the everyday use in a commercial kitchen, absorbing shock when items are dropped into the sink, but remaining structurally sound without getting dented easily. 

Added features

Commercial stainless steel sinks have been designed with the commercial kitchen in mind, and includes features such as knee operated push valves to allow them to be used when an individual’s hands are full, and pre-set spouts to minimise levels of splash back. 

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