GRP Lead Alternative

GRP, also known as Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester, is a lightweight, strong and robust material. Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of GRP troughs, valleys, soakers and other profiles to act as alternatives to lead flashings, from well known and reputable brands such as Harcon and Filon.

Why choose GRP as a lead alternative?

GRP lead alternatives, such as slate and tile, are pre-formed profiles which are lightweight and easy to handle. They only require a semi-skilled fitting procedure, which means installation is quick and contributes to the overall installation cost being up to half that of traditional lead installation. 

GRP lead alternatives are generally more rigid than lead products, and combined with the lightweight characteristics, this means that they are more self-supporting and requires little or no additional support.

GRP products can be safely used with other products when recycling rainwater – unlike lead, which is poisonous and can also harm natural habitats nearby.

GRP products have no scrap value – this means that unlike lead, it will not be targeted by thieves. 

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Products in GRP Lead Alternative:

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