ACO S Range

ACO S Range is a surface water drainage channel drain system from world-famous brand ACO for application in heavy duty areas like docks, ports and aircraft pavements. Rated to F900, certifying this system for use in applications with weight loads up to 90 tonnes. Each ACO S Range channel drain is manufactured from a chemically resistant recycled polymer concrete of ACO’s own design, called Vienite. This sturdy and strong material is enhanced by ductile iron gratings and cast-iron edge rails for maximum protection.

ACO S Range is available in four widths, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm, dependent on the requirement for capacity. Each size comes in constant depths but also in sloping depths too to aid drainage in areas like airports where there’s a large, flat surface. Base units have knockouts for connection to 110m, 160mm or 200mm diameter UPVC pipes, respective to their width.

Gratings for the ACO S Range provide variety and different styles depending on the application area. All gratings available are manufactured from ductile iron and with S150, S200 and S300 channel bases, a slotted ductile iron grate is provided. All grates have bolts for increased security and there is a range of slotted, HeelGuard, intercept or solid ductile iron grates available.

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