Kitchens are fast and busy environments that need to operate to strict time schedules. It is therefore important that you install the correct floor drains for commercial kitchens. This will prevent headaches further down the line with blocked or broken drainage.

This article will give you an indication of what products are best suited to a busy commercial kitchen environment. This way, you can make sure that it’s right the first time.

Floor drains for commercial kitchens

Floor drains for commercial kitchensOne of the best materials to use within a busy commercial kitchen environment is grade 304 stainless steel. This is because it is easy to sanitise and maintain with little effort. The ACO Gully 157 Grade 304 range fits these needs perfectly, offering professional and practical stainless steel drainage at a competitive price.

A fast and busy kitchen environment

Kitchen channel drains

There is an excellent selection of kitchen-specific channel drains designed for busy commercial kitchens. The ACO kitchen range offers high-quality channel drainage well-suited to a frantic and messy kitchen environment.

No matter the size of the kitchen, these channel drains will be able to do the job.

Grease traps

Another important issue to consider in a kitchen is how to separate fat and grease. One solution would be the Fogi Fat and Grease Interceptor, which is designed to conform with BS EN 1825, the British Standard for Grease Separators.Fogi Fat and Greaser Interceptor

The system’s design will effectively intercept FOGS (fats, oils, greases and solids) before they enter a wastewater drainage system. This supports the effectiveness of both the drainage system and the final treatment process. The Fogi Fat and Greaser Interceptor is designed for larger kitchens and restaurants, as well as use in industrial food processing applications.

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