Tile Waterproofing

Drainage Superstore has a range of high quality tile waterproofing products available at competitive prices. 

Tile waterproofing products

The Aquaseal range from Everbuild is the market leader in waterproofing solutions. For tile waterproofing, we have complete Aquaseal wet room systems, which contains waterproof tanking primer, waterproof tanking membrane, waterproof tanking tape and a waterproof tanking drain mat. Alternatively you can opt for just the tanking membrane or the tanking tape.

How does the Aquaseal wet room system work? 

The Aquaseal wet room system is a simple yet effective paint-on solution that completely waterproofs commercial and domestic shower rooms, bathrooms and wet rooms to prevent any water leakage, which most commonly occurs behind bathroom tiles. The Aquaseal wet room system creates a permanently flexible watertight tank that can be tiled over after 24 hours drying time. 

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