BIOROCK Sewage Treatment Plants

Here at Drainage Superstore we are proud to offer a range of sewage treatment plants from BIOROCK. BIOROCK are known as experts in the sewage treatment industry, and use innovative technologies and processes to create successful domestic sewage treatment plants.

Why choose BIOROCK sewage treatment plants?

By choosing a BIOROCK sewage treatment plant, you are choosing a product from a world-class team, which acts as both producer and manufacturer, to bring you sewage treatment plants of the highest quality, which not only work well but also adhere to global standards in regards to manufacturing and environmental awareness.

The benefits of BIOROCK sewage treatment plants 

BIOROCK sewage treatment plants have a number of benefits. Firstly, they are one of the most compact sewage systems available, which means that a smaller hole is required, resulting in less digging, disruption and a smaller sized plot of land is needed. 

Secondly, the process involved in the BIOROCK sewage plants requires no electricity, so no costly mechanics require maintaining and fixing, saving on costs. Additionally, no routine pump outs are required, unlike most systems, and only a 6 month sludge removal is required. 

The natural process involved in BIOROCK sewage treatment plants means that not only are there no buzzing aerators, which can cause unwanted noise, but the natural aeration process is also odourless.

The natural processes are also very reliable, with a fool proof purification process. Additionally, there is no risk of pathogen exposure, and no water is wasted. It is also chemical-free, which ensures no potentially hazardous chemicals are disposed into your garden. 

Got any unanswered questions about BIOROCK wastewater treatment systems? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help – just call on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner. 

Products in BIOROCK Sewage Treatment Plants:

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