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Fascia is an essential part of the finishing look of many domestic and commercial buildings. Bridging the gap between the walls of the property and the roof, fascia stops animals and water from entering these gaps and causing damage. As well as this, fascia can be used to continue colour schemes from the façade of the building whether that’s matching doors and finials or blending into the cladding or render.

Fascia performs an essential function, as well as finishing the look. Guttering is attached to the fascia board using screws so it must be strong and durable as well as resistant to rot and weathering. If the fascia sags under weight or rain damage, then guttering won’t perform as well or it may fall off.

Cladding comes hand in hand with fascia as it’s the external layer of a building that finishes off the walls. Cladding is necessary for many reasons, including increasing thermal performance, offering acoustic performance by stopping noise travelling in or out of the building, and, achieving a certain look like blending a building into its surroundings.

Fascia and cladding is most commonly purchased in uPVC for domestic projects and aluminium for commercial, industrial or residential projects. uPVC fascia and cladding at Drainage Superstore comes from Brett Martin and freefoam in a selection of colours, styles and finishes. Shiplap cladding, embossed cladding and styles like woodgrain oak cladding board make choosing cladding difficult so give our experts a call on 01752 692 221 or use our live chat in the bottom right.

You can also contact us for more information on aluminium coping and fascia. Aluminium coping is designed to finish the edges of a flat roof or to finalise the look of a large roof edge. Aluminium fascia and coping will finish parapet walls and provide an attractive finish too.

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