Fascia & Cladding

Bridging the gap between the walls of a property and the roof, fascia boards are essential in completing the overall look of both commercial and domestic buildings. Alongside the aesthetics, they stop animals and water from entering gaps and causing damage, and can also be used to determine the colour scheme of a building.

Cladding boards perform a similar function, being the external layer of a building that finishes off the walls. They’re necessary for many reasons, including increasing thermal performance and reducing noise pollution going in and out of a property. Fascia and cladding are most commonly purchased in uPVC for domestic projects and aluminium for both industrial and commercial requirements. 

Our range of fascia, cladding and soffit boards are brought to you by industry-leading experts, including Skyline, freefoam and Brett Martin.

Products in Fascia & Cladding:

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Showing 1-36 of 159