ACO KerbDrain HB305 - D400 Class

ACO KerbDrain is one of the latest products from ACO, the market leaders in water management and building drainage, using knowledge and years of expertise to create a wide range of solutions.

This ACO KerbDrain HB305 has been manufactured to D400 class standard, meaning that it can be used in areas where the weight load is a maximum of 40 tonnes. D400 class areas include main roads, public car parks, highways and more, but if you're unsure, we'd always recommend opting for the higher maximum weight load class.

ACO KerbDrain is a combined kerb and drainage system that is manufactured from recycled materials - one of the first of its kind. ACO KerbDrain channel drainage products are designed to be used with both traditional drainage systems and more contemporary SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) in order to provide an integrated one piece system. The ACO KerbDrain system includes a range of problem solving components, including drop kerbs, internal angles, bus stop units, and radius and mitred units.

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