Plastic Soil Pipes

Soil pipes are used for the transportation of wastewater and sewage into the sewer. The difference between soil and waste pipes is that soil pipes carry water and solids into the sewer from your toilet, bidet or urinal, whereas waste pipes carry waste water only from your sinks, washing machine, bath, shower and other appliances that use water.

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a comprehensive range of plastic soil pipes and fittings, from pipes, connectors and bends to brackets, vent cowls, branches and more. Choose from a range of sizes including 82.4mm, 110mm, 160mm, and opt for push fit or solvent weld soil pipes.

Why choose plastic soil pipes?

Soil pipes are most commonly made from plastic, for a number of reasons. 


Compared with more traditional soil pipes, plastic pipes are much more lightweight, which can help reduce transportation costs and installation time. 

Smooth internal surface

Plastic soil pipes are much smoother internally than more traditional soil pipes, which means that there is less chance that materials can get caught in grooves and cause build-ups and blockages.

Chemical resistance

PVC and plastic pipes have strong chemical resistance, which means that they will not be damaged by long term use of cleaning chemicals such as bleach and toilet cleaner. 


Plastic soil pipes are available at much lower costs than other alternatives, and combined with their long lifespan and other benefits, are the most cost-effective option when looking for soil pipes.

Push fit soil pipes

Push fit soil pipes are one of the most popular soil pipe options available in domestic drainage systems. Also known as ring seal soil pipes, push fit pipes consist of a captive rubber seal which is situated within a groove in the neck of the fitting. This works to create an airtight and watertight seal when a lubricated pipe is connected, whilst allowing some flexibility for movement. They do not require any sealant or glue, which makes them easy to fit.

Solvent weld soil pipes

Solvent weld soil pipes use solvent cement to create a sealed join between pipes and fittings. Simple to use, solvent cement is applied to the outside of the pipe and inside of the fitting, and when pushed together and twisted slightly, the solvent cement creates a permanent joint. Most commonly used on external soil pipes or pipes that may be subject to damage as the joint is permanent.

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