Hauraton Channel Drains

Hauraton have been manufacturing channel drainage products and accessories for over 20 years, ensuring there are suitable channel drains for a wide range of applications.

The products below are Hauraton channel drains that are classed as C250, meaning that they are able to withstand a maximum of 250 tonnes. This means that C250 Hauraton channel drains are suitable for areas that experience light traffic, for example in car parks and roads that only experience normal sized vehicles - if the area you are installing drainage in is sometimes used by larger lorries and vehicles we'd recommend going up a class to D400 or E600 class channel drainage.

Hauraton offer a wide range of C250 channel drainage products, including Recyfix Pro and Recyfix Plus. Hauraton channel drains come in one piece, instead of having separate gratings and channels, which helps to improve the strength and durability as well as reducing the installation time. Lightweight yet stable, Hauraton C250 channel drains also have a high resistance against frost, UV and temperature changes, increasing the lifespan of the channel drain.

Products in Hauraton Channel Drains:

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Showing 1-25 of 25