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Hedgehog is a UK-based brand that has been working hard on developing a wide range of gutter brushes and cleaners to support many clients in various sectors for years.  Their goal is to design, manufacture and supply gutter cleaning products that are not only useful, but long-lasting and easy to clean.  Whether you prioritise ease of use, the environment or other key factors, you can trust in the manufacturing of Hedgehog. 

Hedgehog gutter brush

The gutter brush by Hedgehog has been designed for swift installation and easy use. They also come in a range of colours! With the thick bristles and simple application, the brush can be used for gutters across the property, fitting automatically to the shape of your gutter. As a result, this can ensure your gutter’s system has a continuous flow and reduces the need to complete a major task of unblocking the system on a regular basis in future.

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