Draintex - Geotextile Drainage Fabrics

The Draintex brand portfolio sits within the Growtivation landscaping product range, providing high-performance practical and functional products for domestic and commercial projects.

Draintex provide excellent drainage solutions for your property or driveway as well as pathways. Manufactured with over 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry, Draintex geotextile fabric is well known for its superior drainage and filtration properties. It is effective at separating aggregate from the soil which acts to improve drainage efficiency and capacity. The open structure of the fabric means that it is also ideal for lining trenches when constructing French drains.

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialist service team for further information on these, or indeed our wider selection of geotextile fabrics available here at Drainage Superstore at our famously competitive prices. Our team are always on hand to help and support you and can be reached either on the number above, or via the chat box to the bottom right of the screen.

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