Indomo is the all-new residential ducting system from Lindab that simplifies and modernises the traditional ventilation system. A fantastic choice for professionals to offer their customers, InDomo has been designed with over 50 year’s of experience contributing to making it a more efficient and air-tight system. We’ve brought together some of the most important things that HVAC engineers and building professionals alike must know about Lindab InDomo.

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1. All manifolds and plenums come with a Smart Lock function

Designed to make the semi-rigid ducting easier and quicker to fit, simply push and click the ducting into place thanks to Lindab’s Smart Lock function. This means no tools are needed and no damage will be caused to the parts upon installing or dismantling.

2. All circular plenum connections are supplied with a gasket

Gaskets on all connections will help Lindab InDomo meet even the toughest demands for air tightness with the aim of minimising air leakage. This will allow for faster installation too, with Lindab suggesting installation is up to 66% faster when compared with traditional cut and glue rigid systems.

3. Lindab InDomo is SAP Appendix Q listed

BRE independently tested Lindab InDomo to be SAP Appendix Q listed. This means that the performance of this semi-rigid ducting is equal to or better than rigid ducting.

4. Silencers can be integrated to reduce noise levels even further

Optional extras such as silencers can be added to the ventilation system to make the ducting even quieter than it’s designed to be. Easily integrated, you could also include dampers, grilles and the new Airy air valve to reduce noise.

5. Add a design element to Lindab InDomo with Airy air valve

The new Airy air valve can be papered or painted by your customer, they can choose from a variety of RAL colours to match their interior, or they can finish it in stainless steel. In 5 different shapes and 3 dimensions, customers can tailor their air valves to their tastes.

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