Here at Drainage Superstore we offer a wide range of products from the popular brand Polylok. Polylok have been manufacturing plastic injection moulded products within a wide range of industries for a number of years, including underground drainage products, sewage treatment products, and plumbing and heating. 

Polylok pride themselves on their design and engineering, ensuring each product is an improvement on the previous version, and also creating brand new products to act as new solutions within the drainage industry. The Polylok sales team also collaborates with the design and engineering departments to create products that provide customer satisfaction. 

Polylok underground drainage products

Within the underground drainage products from Polylok, there are drainage pipe covers, risers for distribution chambers, drainage pipe grates and drainage chambers. Each product has been manufactured to the highest quality, combining ease of use and installation with high performance to create a durable drainage product.

Polylok building drainage products

Polylok also manufacture air admittance valves within their building drainage product range. These air admittance valves come in a number of styles, but aim to address issues of negative pressure within pipes that can occur if an open pipe outlet is not a feasible solution. Choose from the Extend and Lok valve, the Poly-air carbon vent filter, a high pressure filter and a number of complementary accessories.

 Polylok sewage treatment products

A number of accessories are available from Polylok, to use in conjunction with sewage treatment plants. These products include air vents, inspection chambers, risers, flow levellers and distributors, kid catcher safety screens and more.  

Whichever Polylok product you choose, you’re guaranteed a high quality plastic product that is easy to assemble, lightweight and durable. If you’re unsure which product is best for your project, or you can’t find something in particular, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts on 01752 692221 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

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