Timber is a great product for using in the garden as it looks good, is durable and can be utilised in everything from fencing projects to completing roofing on outbuildings. It’s also extremely cost-effective, and you’ll find our landscaping timber starts from only £1.39 a batten - perfect if you’re working to a tight budget. 

When it comes to garden timber we stock 3 different finishes in our range: planed eased 4 edges, planed smooth and sawn. Our timber is available in either a green or natural finish, and we stock our joists and battens in a number of different sizes, as we know each project is unique. 

All garden timber in this range is supplied treated, and if you have any questions about the best type of timber for your project, our friendly team are happy to help. You can call, email or use our online chat facility for advice and guidance from our professionals. 

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