Cleaning your decking isn’t only vital for appearance, but also durability. Here’s some steps to help you clean your decking with success!

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Why should you clean decking?

Cleaning decking can help improve the length of life for your deck and help reduce the appearance of algae, moss, mould and more. Cleaning it can also make it easier to customise. Whether that may be staining the deck, painting the deck, or applying oil to the deck.

When should you clean decking?

Decking should be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that it looks as good as possible and last for a long period of time.

How to clean decking

Here are some basic steps to ensure you can clean your decking successfully for a fresher appearance.

What you need

Step one: Clear the deck! If there is anything on the deck, be it furniture, storage units or other items currently sat on it, remove them. Using preferably a stiff broom, sweep away any debris such as grass and dirt from the deck. You can also sand the deck to remove any old paint or coating

Step two: Make sure there are no loose boards or loose/raised screws sticking up from the deck. You’ll need to secure these before you clean using a screwdriver.

Step three: If you want to ensure there is nothing stuck between the grooves of the decking (if applicable), use a pressure washer on a low setting to rinse away the grease and grime. High settings and a close distance can damage the wood, so make sure there is enough space between the washer nozzle and deck.

Step four: Apply the decking cleaner is the most efficient way to clean your decking. You can also, instead, create your own deck cleaner by dissolving washing up liquid in warm water.

Note: Make sure that if you do use a decking cleaner that you wear appropriate PPE as chemicals could be harmful. Check manufacturer instructions.

Step five: Once cleaner has been put on the decking, scrub away the dirt with a scrubbing brush or broom. If the decking is grooved, make sure to get into them good with the brush to ensure those small spaces are cleans. Once cleaned, leave the solution to sit for at least 15 minutes.

Tip: Rinse any bits of dirt or grass that accidently get mixed from the edge of the deck with warm water and, if need, scrub again.

Step six: Rinse off the decking with water. You can do this via watering can, a garden hose or for the most effective results a pressure washer. You will need to then leave the decking to dry for a minimum of 24 hours, though this will depend on the weather, if you wish to oil, stain or paint your decking.

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