Decking is a popular solution when it comes to making the most out of your garden space. You can find out types of decking materials, styles and more via this guide.

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What decking material lasts the longest?

Decking can last for as little as 10 years to as long as 30 years. Typically composite and timber can last for long periods of time. However, unlike composite, timber can have parts of the deck replaced. Composite decking will need to be fully replaced, which can be more expensive in the long run. Here are the pros and cons of composite and timber decking:

Composite (plastic and wood)•Hard-wearing
•High resistance to insects and moisture
•Available in a range of styles
•Slip resistance
•Available in a variety of colours
•Easy to install
•At risk to scratches
•Can be weighty
•Can fade overtime
•Can sag overtime
•At risk to mould and mildew
•Can be toxic (depending on materials used)
•Can prevent accumulation of; litter, dirt and food waste
•Environmentally friendly
•Easy to clean
•Available in hardwood or softwood
•Easy to install
•Can be used in urban environments
•Hardwood can be more expensive
•Can fade, crack, splinter or warp overtime
•Needs re-staining or oiling
•Needs yearly maintenance

Here are examples of average timber decking and composite decking costs:

Composite deckingCost (ex VAT)Timber decking Cost (ex VAT)
Cladco hollow composite decking board£25.40Marley Antislip Plus 145mm x 28mm Grooved Decking Pack of 2£36.00
Cladco solid bullnose composite decking board - 4m£41.30Marley Antislip Plus 145mm x 28mm Smooth Decking Pack of 2£36.00
Millboard composite fascia board£42.25Marley CitiDeck Anti Slip 145mm x 28mm Smooth Decking Pack of 2£36.00
Millboard composite bullnose board£56.82
Millboard enhanced grain composite decking£56.84
Millboard last-grip composite decking£66.46
Millboard weathered oak composite decking£66.46

Decking board vs decking tiles

Decking tiles and decking boards cover with various pros and cons:

Type of deckingProsCons
Decking board•Traditional decking form
•Lengthy lifespan
•Can add value to a property
•More consistent design
•Will need treatment prior
•At risk of rot and damp if untreated
•Can be costly
Decking tiles•Easy to install
•Used for smaller decking spaces
•Can be snapped in place
•Can be easily removed/replaced because of snap technology
•Can be put over existing surfaces
•Typically available with anti-slip feature
•Easy to clean
•Limited lifetime - regular maintenance needed
•Little design consistency

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