The time has come. Your gutters are looking like they need serious cleaning. How do you do that? First, you need a ladder to reach them, but what ladder height do you need to clean? We’ve looked at the options available and compiled some information to help you out. We can also provide you with advice on the ladder you need!

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What do I need to think about when choosing a ladder?

Your priority will be to obtain a ladder that reaches the height of the gutter. However, there is a difference between the total working height of ladders, the total height and the platform height.

What is the total height of a ladder?

This is the full length of the ladder when it is fully extended.

What is the platform height of a ladder?

The height that defines where you can stand safely from the ground. When you climb a ladder, as far as possible, platform height is where your feet are.

What is the working height of a ladder?

This definition refers to the area that is reachable when using the ladder safely. If you can get to the guttering with ease, not overbalancing the ladder, this can be defined as working height.

Ladder safety is also a vital point to consider when choosing and using a ladder. HSE (Health and Safety Executive) offers guidance covering how to safely work with ladders.

What is the average height of a house?

When talking about the average height of a house, you need to specify which type. Luckily, we’ve done it for you! Find your house type, see what its average height could be and find which ladder height you need to clean your gutters.

Building type Average heightSuggested ladder type(s)
Single storey bungalowAround 9ft (2.74 metres)Stepladder
Single storey houseAround 10ft (3.05 metres)Two-section extension ladder (extended height of at least 3.95 metres or higher recommended)

Combination ladder
Two storey house Around 15ft (4.70 metres) Extension ladder (extended height of at least 5.8 metres or higher recommended)

If you can’t see your building type above, you can measure the height of the property. Simply take the measurements of a brick-and-mortar strip, then count how many bricks there are to the guttering. You can use this measurement as a basis to help you find the best ladder to clean your gutters.

How can I keep my guttering clean?

Excellent question! Consider gutter brushes, using a SkyVac machine or other gutter cleaning tools you can find out more about in our guide ‘How to clean gutters’.

You can also find out more about the different guttering in our ‘Guttering buyer’s guide’. Discover the unique array of options available to you and explore our range to find guttering suited to your requirements and budget.

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