Pipe Lagging

Choose only high-quality pipe lagging to ensure that your pipes are well protected, whatever happens.

At Drainage Superstore, we're proud to bring you the pick of the bunch when it comes to foam pipe lagging and rubber pipe lagging.

What is pipe lagging?

Pipe lagging is the term used to describe the insulating of pipework throughout the home and other buildings. Buildings tend to have complex networks of water pipes, and they are often the site at which large amounts of heat are lost. By insulating hot water pipes with pipe lagging, a barrier is created which prevents as much heat from escaping into the external environment. This not only minimises heat loss, but also reduces the amount of energy required to keep the water at a warm temperature, saving on utility bills.

Additionally, pipe lagging can be used on cold water pipes that are prone to freezing or low temperatures. By installing pipe lagging on cold pipework, you are again reducing heat loss, and retaining a level of heat within the piping. This will reduce the potential for cold pipes to freeze.

Pipe lagging can be manufactured from a range of materials, including polyethylene, mineral wool, foam and even tape. If you’re unsure which pipe lagging or pipe insulation is most suitable for your pipes, just get in touch – call the team on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner.  

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