Underground PE Barrier Pipe

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of PE barrier pipes for underground use to choose from in diameters of 25mm, 32mm, 63mm and 90mm.

What are PE barrier pipes?

 PE barrier pipes are reinforced pipes that have been designed to protect potable water supplies against contaminants in contaminated land that can not only put your water supply at risk of contamination, but also degrade a standard MDPE pipe. 

What is the edgeplast SLA PE barrier pipe?

The SLA PE barrier pipe by Westwood pipelines has been successfully designed to prevent contamination of water supplies in contaminated ground, using polyethylene’s thermoplastic properties, combined with proof against the diffusion of metallic materials. 

The SLA PE barrier pipe consists of a core pipe, that is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1220, meaning it adheres to the requirements for piping systems made from PE. This core pipe has a multilayer aluminium foil applied onto the core pipe, and a protective coating is then applied to increase its resistance to scratches and abrasions. 

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