Wire Leaf Guards / Drain Leaf Covers

Wire leaf guards are a perfect cost-effective and budget friendly solution to prevent the build up of leaves, animals and other debris in both chimneys and downpipes.

Wire leaf guards for chimneys

A build up of materials and debris within your chimney can lead to a range of problems. Whether it’s birds and small animals who see your chimney as a cosy nesting place and fill your chimney with leaves, sticks and other materials, or an overhanging tree that drops its leaves into the chimney, a build up of material can affect the way your chimney and wood burner performs, as it restricts air flow. Installing a wire leaf guard onto the chimney pot prevents animals from nesting within the chimney, and acts as a barrier to any falling materials, whilst still allowing consistent air flow to ensure the chimney and woodburner is working effectively.

Wire leaf guards for downpipes

A build up of material in downpipes can cause blockages and cause the drainage system to become ineffective, resulting in flooding, of patios and outside areas, and adding extra pressure. Fixing a wire leaf guard to downpipes can prevent blockages from occurring, ensuring the drainage system runs smoothly and works well

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