Whirl-A-Ways Surface Cleaner

Whirl-a-way surface cleaners are an incredibly useful tool that is designed to clean all types of flat surfaces, from driveways and patios to concrete floors to decking and walkways. 

The whirl-a-way surface cleaner fits onto your high pressure hose or pressure washer, and the water is applied close to the ground within the circular housing, ensuring the water is applied at close proximity to the ground, and ensuring it is focused on the area required, creating an even finish. This method is not only said to save you time and money on labour costs, it will also reduce the water consumption, compared with a regular pressure washer due to the circular housing preventing any wastage.

The whirl-a-way cleaner has a steel two-arm rotary bar, and a cover to prevent water spraying away from the operator. For ease of use, there is a easy-trigger gun to operate the machine, which is comfortable and easy to grip. 

Designed to help reduce costs and improve productivity, the whirl-a-way cleaners are said to clean up to 20 square metres per minute, and save up to 60% in time compared to other cleaning methods. 

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