Safety Equipment

Drainage Superstore has everything you need to ensure work is carried out safely, no matter what project you are working from. Choose from a range of PPE equipment, kneepads, harnesses and more, all of the highest quality whilst remaining at our competitively low prices.


Duraflex has produced a range of safety harnesses, to protect you from falls when working at height. The Duraflex harnesses come with a new ergonomic design, and stretchable webbing, allowing you to focus on the work that needs undertaking without worrying about comfort or safety. Duraflex harnesses are water-repellent and stain protected, and you can opt for 1 point, 2 point or 3 point harnesses.

Tool pouch & nail pouches

When working on a project, it is easy to lose tools, nails, screws, washers and other equipment onsite. Tool pouches and nail pouches are a great solution, as they not only provide a single place in which to keep your tools, nails and other equipment whilst working on a project, they also provide you with greater accessibility to the tools and nails without needing to reach down to the floor or the nearest surface. Choose from individual nail pouches, side by side nail pouches, a double tool belt and more. 

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is essential when working onsite, to adhere to health and safety regulations but also to stay safe and prevent injuries from occurring. Here at Drainage Superstore, we offer a standard PPE kit for 1 person, which is suitable for light work, designed to protect you during jobs where chemicals might pose a risk, such as tanking, damp proofing or painting. The standard PPE kit consists of a Tyvek hooded disposable suit, a valved disposable dust mask, a pair of safety goggles and 10 pairs of disposable nitrile gloves. We also have a professional PPE kit, which is designed to be used when carrying out more heavy-duty jobs.

If you only need specific PPE items, we also have a number of individually sold items, including dust masks, safety goggles, disposable hooded suits, safety helmets and hi-visibility jackets.


Kneepads are incredibly useful in a number of trades, as protecting your knees whilst at work can prevent you from suffering with long term injuries later in life. Choose from asphalters knee pads, which are designed to protect your knees whilst working on road surfacing and other similar asphalt surfaces, leather kneepads, and rubber miner kneepads.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions at all, our friendly customer service team is ready and waiting to take your call on 01752 692221.

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