When undertaking work on site or on your latest drainage or plumbing project, work gloves can protect your hands and wrists from potential hazards, ensure health and safety regulations are adhered to, provide you with extra grip, and improve comfort. Here at Drainage Superstore we have a wide range of gloves for you to choose from, all at our competitively low prices.

Gripper gloves

Gripper gloves are designed to help improve grip, whilst retaining dexterity and flexibility. They are particularly useful when handling slippery materials such as planes of glass or polished steel. Gripper gloves tend to come with knitted wrists to retain the fit and protect wrists from injuries.

Disposable latex gloves

Disposable latex gloves are incredibly useful, no matter what you’re working on. Whether you’re using chemicals, working with materials that may stain your skin, or there is no water with which to wash your hands, you can use disposable latex gloves to protect your skin. As well as being resistant to chemicals, they are relatively puncture resistant, and still provide you with all the touch sensitivity and dexterity you require. 

Nitrile coated gloves

Nitrile coated gloves are popular amongst construction workers, mechanics, general assembly workers and more. The nitrile coating covers the entire palm and fingers, which protects the hand from cuts, abrasions, oils and chemicals, whilst retaining high levels of dexterity and grip.

Rigger gloves

Rigger gloves, also known as Canadian gloves, are tough and hardwearing gloves, constructed from a mixture of leather and cotton. Although made out of tough materials, they are designed to provide comfort as well as protection. Rigger gloves are multipurpose gloves that are typically used for handling rough materials, but can also be used to handle heavy duty mechanics and equipment.

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