Plumbing System Tools

When installing, upgrading or repairing your plumbing system, there are a number of tools and accessories that you may need or may help to make the process easier. 

Radiator pipe guides & seals

Radiator pipe guides and seals provide a barrier in an area which has previously been identified as a key source of heat loss. They are applied at the final fix stage of plumbing, and are easy to apply. Simply pull the pipes through a hole in the dry lining, and then feed them through the radiator pipe guide. All that you need to do then is screw the seal into position and it will create an effective barrier to prevent heat loss.

Radiator key

If you need to bleed a radiator, you’ll need a radiator key. OX has a packet of 3 radiator keys that are designed to fit most domestic radiators, made from brass. 

Four way keys

Four way keys are multipurpose tools that can be useful for a wide range of applications, including radiators. They can also be used to open gas meters or service cupboards, large taps, outside taps, stop cocks and more.

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