Air Bags/Flexible Plugs

Here you’ll find a number of air bags, flexible plugs and pumps for your latest drainage or plumbing project, all at our famously competitive prices.

Air bag stoppers are designed to plug drains and pipes, creating a blockage or barrier temporarily in order to test or repair drains or pipes. The airbags are designed to fit through restricted openings and into the pipe that requires testing. Super quick and easy to use, simply insert the deflated bladder and pipe into the selected pipe, and use a pump to inflate the air bag as much as possible. This will then create a barrier, preventing anything from passing through, and allowing you to carry out maintenance or tests.

Choose from a range of airbags of different pipe lengths and diameters, and choose between canvas or PVC air bag stoppers. The PVC air bag stoppers are made from durable quality PVC with peripheral ribs to help secure it in place, or opt for a canvas coated airbag which has a rubber bladder within it, with the canvas providing a protective outer casing. 

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