Pipe Tools

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a number of different tools to help increase accuracy and precision when working on plumbing and piping projects.

Pipe chamfer tools are used to ensure there are no sharp edges when you are joining pipes together. This is important to create a well-sealed join ensuring that there is no leakage – if the edges are sharp it can push any sealant away, creating a poor join. 

The pipe chamfer tool will smooth pipes with rough edges, to allow it to connect more smoothly and easily into a connector or second pipe. Each pipe chamfer tool is supplied with a bottle of pipe lubricant, which should be applied after chamfering, and once the water element evaporates it will create an airtight seal between the two pipes. 

Olive removal tools are used to remove olives from copper pipes. Olives are small metal rings that are used in plumbing to create a seal in compression fittings. Olive removal tools either pull or cut the olives from the copper pipe whilst ensuring the pipes are not damaged, and have handles that are designed for comfort and grip.

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