Aerosol Insecticides

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of different insecticides, available in an aerosol format.

Insecticides are crucial in controlling and removing a wide range of different insects, whether they are flying insects, crawling insects, larvae or other forms of insect. 

An insecticide with an aerosol format allows the insecticide to be applied in a wide range of different circumstances, but is particularly beneficial for application both in the air, and within small cracks and crevices.

As with all insecticides, it is important to ensure any food or drinks have been covered to prevent contamination, and should always be kept out of reach of children.

Not sure which aerosol insecticide is best suited for you? Don’t hesitate to call the team on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be more than happy to help with product recommendations and advice.

Products in Aerosol Insecticides:

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