Packaging Products

Drainage Superstore are proud to offer you a range of high-quality, durable packaging products, all at the best possible prices. Whether you’re packaging materials for storage, transport or other tasks, we’re confident that we have everything you need for the job in hand.  

Packaging tapes

We have a range of different tapes for your packaging needs, to ensure your items are kept safe and secure. Choose from Mammoth all purpose duct tape, which is incredibly tough and durable to be suitable for use all around the home and industry, or Everbuild’s weatherproof tape, which is a strong tape that can be used to repair PVC and polyethene sheets, repairing glass and acrylic, and for all your packaging needs. 

Package wrapping products

When wrapping your packages it is important to keep products safe and protected from any damage that can occur during transportation. Bubble wrap provides a number of small cushions that protect fragile items, whilst shrink wrap wraps tightly around your items, and when heat is applied it will shrink tightly over the item it is covering, holding it together. Corrugated paper roll is another option when packaging items, as it is extremely flexible, but the corrugations provide a barrier as extra protection against potential damages. Fillpack paper can be used as an environmentally friendly and economic way to fill voids within boxes, to reduce movement during transportation and prevent breakages.

Plasterboard & insulation panel lifters

Plasterboard & insulation panel lifters are incredibly useful pieces of equipment. Designed to install plasterboard and insulation panels accurately and easily, they are able to lift panels horizontally, vertically, or angled depending on the project at hand, and are foldable to allow for compact storage and transportation.

As well as a number of packaging materials, we have a number of other products, such as paper clips, jiffy bags, strapping clips, scissors and marker pens.

If you have any questions about our products or aren’t sure which one is right for your project, give our friendly customer service team a call on 01752 692221.

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